For each of the missions assigned to us

We aim to adapt our unique collaboration model to your requirements and the specific nature of your business and that of the market in which you are seeking to develop. Ideally, our mission is to help you identify, redirect and qualify all the market opportunities available.


We can manage the entire process of signing with your new clients, thanks to our knowledge of the French and many African markets.


Our methodology is designed to be effective and flexible; we will therefore provide you with one or two coordinators, depending on your objectives, to manage all the stages of your project.


Working with Kushinda, is moving forwards with confidence

Improving your company's business development and increasing your rate of acquisition and retention of new clients.


Kushinda takes a highly conscientious approach, as follows:


Identifying your requirements

Developing your business plan 

Implementing your marketing action plan

Setting up your communications 

Actions to achieve your objectives


Our approach enables you to increase your visibility and improve your image: as a result you will successfully increase your market share in France and in Africa.


Because our mission is to help you achieve your objectives, we are methodical and rigorous in carrying out these business, marketing and communication activities.

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